Mt. Equinox Uphill race report

I made the first ever attempt to complete the 2005 “Gear Up for Lyme”, the Mt. Equinox Uphill Bike Climb last Saturday August 6, 2005.

To read my verbose story of the race go to:

You are the man, way to hang in there. Next time, no bacon. Congrats on a great ride, will I meet you in NH? Hillclimbing is a blast and you are a legend for being the first to finish these rides, way to go!

Thanks. It’s great to be in this sport now as it’s blossoming. Being the first uni in these races feels like be the first to free-climb a new rock climb, or the first to do some great ski descent on pins. These cherries are just out there for the picking.

Congratulations, great job. I really enjoy reading your reports of the races.

Dude, that’s just sick! I can’t imagine what that’s like. I would really like to improve not only my fitness level, but my riding skills to complete a climb like that. Congratulations on sticking with it.

My skill level is still too low. I know I waste a lot of energy on upper body movement, and during a climb like that, wasting energy is not rocommended.


pics from the race

I’ve uploaded a few pics of the Equinox race. Here’s one and other pics are now on the race story page:


Nice going! :slight_smile:

one more pic

one more pic at:


Awesome, Steve! And to think, I’ve actually met you in person gush

Really impressed.

Jeez…Dave, my skills aren’t fit to shine the shoes of your skills. I always brag that I’ve met YOU in person.


more pics

1 - I’m grimacing across the line.

great photo! quite an accomplishment

  1. Really breathing hard, but really happy.

  1. About to do the gratuitous unicycle-above-the-head thing.

are those specialized lo-pro magnesium pedals i see on there?
or am i mistaken?

if so, how do you like them? i want some for my bike

If fact, they are. I wanted something grippier than the Torker stock ones, and the LBS had only those pedals. When they said $80, I said nevermind, but then the head guy in the back came out and said "they’ve been in that case for 2 yrs, so you can have for $40. I said CHA-CHING!

They are great, very light with dozens of adjustable pins.

what a bargain

how’s the grip?

So now you can update us on your opinion of 24" vs 28" for climbing?
Was it harder on your cardio system to use the 24"?
What will you use in your next climb?

Seem to be as grippy as can be, even after I removed many of the pins. (I just left the ones around the edges of the pedals, removing all the middle ones.)

Caveat - this is only how I feel with my conditioning.

The KH29 w/Big Apple was usable on the Whiteface MTn, with an 8% average grade, but just barely. It would’ve been brutal on Equinox, especially on the steeper sections later in the race. I was loving my 24" wheel in the steeper race, and I know Mt. Washington is a similar grade.

I stopped to rest many times in both races, but always to let my thighs recoop, and not because the cardio was too tough. I have a fit cardio system from a lifetime of Ultimate disc, and strong legs from that, too. Yet my weakness seems to be that my leg strength isn’t specifically uni related.