Mt. Diablo MUni Ride on TV Tomorrow!

MUni fans,

Apologies again to people on my MUni mailing list who get this twice. I just
got an email from David Lockhart, the guy from ZDTV to taped us the other day on
Mt. Diablo. For those of you who don’t know about it, on Saturday Jan. 22 a
group of us got together on Mt. Diablo to show of for ZDTV’s Internet Tonight TV
show. We had a great time riding around on rocks and trails with clouds floating
over and under us, near the summit.

The show is supposed to air tomorrow (Wed.) night at 7. It’s typical of people
in the TV world to give us about that much notice. I wonder why that is? But it
will also air the following day (Thurs.) at 8, 10, and 2. Those are the times as
given to me by David Lockhart, so I don’t know how various time zones affect it.

If you’ve never heard of ZDTV, it’s probably because you don’t have satellite
cable. I don’t think it comes over regular cable. If you do, maybe someone could
pop in a tape for me?

Now here’s the cool part. Check out the website wed. night and Thursday day:

So all you folks in the UK, Europe, NZ and elsewhere can hopefully see
something too!

Enjoy, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone (reply to

“Take it away. I don’t ever want to see it again” - Old Redford member Mark
Schaefer, being handed his unicycle after a nasty tailbone landing