Mt Diablo Challenge 2006

Hey everyone,
In conjunction with the Berkeley Juggling Festival, Sept 29-Oct 1, we are entered in the Mount Diablo Challenge Sunday Oct 1! It’s an awesome Coker race up Mt Diablo against bikes. There will be about 1000 bikes plus as many Cokers as we can field. We’ve had up to about a dozen unicyclists which makes it really fun. It’s a 10.8 mile ride climbing 3300’. We usually end up in the middle of the field, finishing in 1:20 to 1:30. I’ve done the race every year since 2000 or 2001.

Here’s the website:

Online Registration (approx $50): - Early registration closes TOMORROW so do it today!! thread on the 2005 event: Mt Diablo Challenge 2005

2005 Results:

We are planning to spend all day Saturday at the Berkeley Juggling Festival: - the Saturday morning “Critical Mass” Unicycle tour of Berkeley is NOT TO BE MISSED!

You won’t want to miss the public show Saturday either. Then we’ll drive out to Mt Diablo Sunday mornig and do the race. Irene Genelin (superstar world standard skills champ) from Washington will be with us and is looking forward to beating as many Californians as possible in the race. Let’s make sure she fails in that attempt!


Man, I so wish I could be there. Sounds almost perfect for my Diet Coker.

dont own a coker or live on the west coast. but sounds like fun! good luck!

Looks like a great ride! I really wish I could be there to get my a$$ kicked by Irene, but I will be far far away. Have fun, y’all!

We may have to quickly schedule a secret training ride for Irene up Hurricane Ridge.

Hey, what are you talking about? Training is cheating! Don’t take her out training!