Mt Cootha uni ride hrs?

what hours on a saturday

hey GP20, i’m not sure what the hours are, but i live pretty much where the rides start from, i’m free most saturdays. I’m not very good but i’m getting better, if you ever wanna go for a ride

hey, i recently got a MAXXIS downhill tire on my uni. Its great an i havent done much MUni on it yet but im free most saturday mornings. i also like doing street and trails as well.

cheers, keep it wheel.

who is keen for a ride, i am too a beginner

Brisbane riders of all skill levels, who ever is interested in coming riding, lets all share msn contacts, mine is, that is the email i use too, interested in riding all styles, muni, trails, street, freestyle/flatland

my own unicycling site, not much on it yet, but if you want we can post etc, its my Brisbane unicycle site, BRISBANE i tell ya

hey, nice site u got there. i see you got a link to my site with the unicycling game, pretty sweat. i think u gotta fix the link it doesn’t work though. i like the background music as well. how do you post on it though?

cheers, keep it wheel.

You have to register with the xang thing or whatever it is. It’s not YOUR site, it’s our site time geeze. Yeah that site is a good idea, and that link does need to be fixed. all in all it’s a damn good idea

geeze, dont get to bitchy