Mt. Bross Snowfield Muni

I’ve uploaded a few pictures to the gallery from a recent trip to Colorado. I climbed Mt. Bross and descended the snowfields of the southeast flank. During early morning the fields were pretty hard but by midday were soft enough that I usually sank in about 4-6" and at times to my waist.

Mt. Bross (elevation 14,172 ft) is a pretty tame 14er, though the summit was about a 6 mile slog from where we had to park due to road closure. Brakes weren’t really necessary as the the snow provided plenty of drag, but a 3" tire was definitely required equipment.

To anyone thinking of trying this, be familiar with avalanche safety and rescue and check current avalanche conditions at:

Picture 5 of 10 is great. That must have been incredible.

Looks like lots of fun. Have you tried a studded Nokian tire in those conditions. It works sooo well on ice.

A bunch of us (5 anyway) from Mitchell, SD are going to ride in the Chicken Parade on July 12 in Wayne, Nebraska. Any chance the Muni Militia could join us?

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

ping: MOJOE

July 12… want to carpool, Mojoe? I think I have some jousting lances around here somewhere. :slight_smile:

I have a very “studly” tire, but it wasn’t necessary here as I was never on any ice. The snow, even when frozen, provided ample traction.

Thanks. I was kind of disappointed when I looked at my pictures… none of them really did the scenery justice, all the more reason to go back I suppose.

Re: ping: MOJOE

Maybe… I’ll think about it.