Ms150 2003 -aj?

AJ -if you’re out there, drop me a line at

I attended the Houston to Austin MS150 last weekend. It’s a 2 day ride of 183 total miles. 11,000 riders participated and raised over 6.5 million dollars for MS research. One coker rider was spotted, and I’m told, upon approach of bicyclists, was responding with “I’m not Jerry”. Well, AJ, sorry, but I am Jerry and had I known you were riding, I may have joined you. I rode around on my highwheel and coker at LaGrange for a bit hoping to find the (other) unicyclist. I did not ride but provided support of a team. We had 15 riders, and 30 supporters -my task was to be sure we had enough cold beer. If you plan to ride next year, let me know. I hope to ride for the same team.

Jer -the unicyclist that many Houstonians think is the only one.