MS Ride...update

Well, that was the toughest, most physically challenging thing I’ve done on a uni so far.

The first day’s ride was 85 KM’s. I did it in 5 hours and 20 minutes, with 30 minutes in there for breaks and a lunch stop. I finshed approx 200/640 riders (first ever unicyclist) I was stunned. I know it wasn’t a race, but c’mon…I figured I’d be last…well, near last, anyways.

Then there was the 7 km ride home after that. :frowning: I had my mind set on having some frosty suds after the ride (at about KM #10) but knew I needed to pick some up. I’ve ridden with a 12 pack before so I figured that would be fine. Once I got out of the beer store, I realized that the last time I was on my MUni, and how the hell was I gonna mount on a Coker?!? (you can picture me not wanting to fling up the case into a mount, as those handle-holes tend to rip) I found a short electrial box (those grey ones that are about 3 feet high) I placed the case on this, backed up and made a go for it. Nope. again. Nope. (I would fall off, Coker on the ground, case in my arms)

I repositioned the case as to have the handles facing out instead of one handle facing towards me.

I was able to get it, but in my twisting to reach for it, I felt like I pulled my obliques or something because it was quite painful…however, I was still riding-now holding the case of beer! I had to keep at it. The stomache pain went away, and off I rode.

That evening, was a combination of leg rubbing, A535-Ice applications, beer drinking and stretching. In the morning, my legs felt suprisingly great, I was ready for the second day.

As I embarked on my 7 Km ride to the race start, I knew immediately that y legs sucked. :astonished: So I went home, and got my bike to take on the second day (yeah right) I knew this day would be a lot slower, but I was prepared.

Happiest part of the race was getting the map at the start, it was only 75 KM’s today! That didn’t bother me at all, but that is hardly 170 km’s (I kept quiet though!)

20 km’s into it I was BEAT. 30 km’s into it, my right quad, more the inner knee cap part, muscle? tendon? I dunno. Well that started to hurt with every downstroke. I lasted for about 3 km’s by using my left lag for all the power, and just having the right leg swinging arouns deadweight…this sucked. I flagged down one of the many safety vehicles and got a tensor bandage wrapped around the knee. I was instantly fine! Well, still VERY tired, but I could use the knee for power again (although I knew I best take it easy, as this was just a bandage solution)

The lunch break was 56 km’s into it. After a chicken pita and some grapes, and much streching (I’m a big fan of stretching, so did so at every checkpoint)

After lunch, I felt quite rejeuvinated (back to friday…or mid morning Saturday) and was able to ride hard for the remainder of the ride. I would get off to walk for a minute or so every 15-20 minutes by this stage, I was just way too tired, too sore, and my sitbones were screaming.

I finished in 5 hours and 32 minutes, although this leg was 10 km’s shorter (man was I thankful!) Alot closer to the back this time, I would estimate I was about 500/640.

I raised $200, and know I brought the thought of unicycling as a viable source of transport to more people. It’s a good feeling when people who are already doing this physical endurance type thing (2 days of such a long ride is impressive, even on a bike) comment on how amazed/impressed they are. It’s events like this that you don’t need to bring spectators, as the entire group is cheering you on.

But man, are my legs sore!

Sofa - The newest fan of ‘Vaseline Creamy’ skin moisturizer. (in the moisurizer section in Walmart. This is the skin moisurizer, not to confused with the typical Vaseline ‘hand cream’. I had absolutely no chaffing, the only discomfort was that of my sit bones, that I’m sure the only fix for that is…‘Hey stupid, get off the damn unicycle, you’re riding for 85km’s, take a bike’


That’s quite an accomplishment. It must feel really special to be the only uni in a crowd of that size. I’ve done a few rides of much, much shorter distances with groups of bicyclists and just my presence on a uni surprises them.

I’m glad you took my advice on the Vaseline Creamy, looks like it literally saved your butt :astonished: :astonished:

I couldn’t remember who recommended it, but what an incredible difference! Thanks!


that is awsome Sofa keep it up

speeking of Ms rides in general there is one from San Antonio to Corpus Christi in october.
Kenny do you think you will be going on it or any one else for that matter.

I won’t be doing it this year. I’ve only been unicycling a little over six months and my longest ride so far is only 10 miles. I don’t know of anybody else that it planning on doing the ride on a uni.

there are at least 3 of us from Austin who are planning on doing the ride so if you would like ot go on rides with us in asutin drop me a line


It’s not till october, that is TONS of time to get ready for it.

The most I had ridden before this was 65 km’s, and that was training for this ride.

Go out for a ride each weekend, and add 5-10 miles (you’ll soon see that if you do 10, 20 isn’t that much tougher…it’s when you start getting to 40+ that it starts to become a real chore. And if there’s already gonna be 3 others on Uni’s, that’s even more fun. Perhaps you can go on training rides with them.