MS Bike Ride

I’ve decided to participate in my local MS Bike Ride this year, on my
Coker. For anyone interested in supporting my ride (this is a fund raiser,
after all), visit my hastily designed web page:

I will be riding 30 miles (I know, that’s nothing compared to what some
people have done… but I’ve got to start somewhere) on August 19th.

My thoughts on fundraising, charities, and so on: I post this, and ask
for sponsors because I figure there are some people who might be
interested. I do not mean to tell anyone what he should do with his
money. In all honesty, I’m doing the ride for the purpose of challenging
myself more than anything else. Because the ride is a fund raiser,
though, I figure the least I can do in return is find out if there are
people willing to donate.

I do believe in the MS Society, and have donated as a result of this ride.
I believe we should do our best to put a stop to anything which robs
people of the coordination and balance on which we so greatly rely.

Good day, Jeff Lutkus

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Hi Jeff, Good luck, Jeff. I’ve taken part in the past two MS rides here in
Texas. Two years ago I did 182 miles in two days and then the year after I
did 81 miles. These rides are a blast. Just the looks on the people’s
faces as you pass them going up the hills is priceless. Again, good luck
and have a great time. Bye.


Cool!!! :sunglasses:

I hope you have a blast. I had an uncls with MS (his was Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS).

A buddy of mine did the local MS ride last year on his Coker. He made it as I am sure you will do.

Bravo on your efforts!

Derek :smiley: