MS 150 Houston to Austin

Hey fellow awesome people! I am thinking of attempting the MS 150 from Houston to Austin this upcoming April and was wondering a couple things:

  1. Anyone ever do a ride like this on a Uni before that wishes to give me advice, tips, or warnings?

  2. Anyone want to join in and make a full Uni team? I honestly have no idea how this would work or if it would be feasible, but I think it’d be pretty fun.:smiley:

This is still in the early planning stages but I’m already working on a training schedule and figuring out all the details, and I have a few places for people to crash (as long as you don’t mind a couch or floor space) if anyone from out of town/state wants to join in as well.

-The Mad Unicyclist-

Hey Dane,
I’ve done this ride before. I have to say that it’s the single most difficult ride I’ve ever done. I started in Houston so the first day was 101 miles and the second day was 82 miles. It can be done but you’ve got to train like you’ve never trained before. Not sure if I would want to do it again but I’m up for doing some training with you. E-mail me and we’ll get together.

Aj Greig

Hello DaneDawson, I rode the MS-150 last year on a unicycle with a team of 3 other unicyclist. I am planning on riding it again this coming april. If you are interested in riding it with me give me a heads up. If you do not own a pair of handelbars I would highly suggest buying them.