Mr. Toad's Wild Ride this Saturday!!

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride this Saturday!

Information will be posted here as the ride comes closer.

Does anyone want to go?

For anyone who does not know, Mr. Toads is a very fun, technical downhill trail in South Lake Tahoe. It was going to be ridden at the 2009 California Muni Weekend, but it was canceled.

You missed us riding it a few weeks ago…


I know that, and I couldn’t go, and now I am doing it again…:smiley:

Looks like a fun mix of xc and technical. :slight_smile: Looks kinda similar to Tahoe rim trail, which I rode at a previous CMW.

From the look and sound of your upd off that bolder, it seems like you had waaay to much psi in the tire, with little or no shock absorption at impact, which could have been part of the reason why you were thrown off so abruptly! :astonished: The other reason being your body was probably too far forward at impact. Must’ve been a “wild” ride though! :slight_smile:

Some similarity, but Mr. Toad’s has more technical stuff. Some great rock garden sections, and a really fun long mini-staircase. Then it finishes off with a bunch of sweet, swoopy singletrack.

I don’t think I can make it up this weekend, but I can definitely recommend the ride. I’d be interested in trying it on 29er; the end section would be a blast on the bigger wheel, I’m just not sure I could handle the more technical sections on it.

I definitely will put it on my must-ride list, along with whistler, downieville dh and South Mtn.

Nope! The tire pressure was definitely perfect. Any less and it would bottom out the rim.

I think the fall happened not because I was too far forward but because I landed dead smack in the “dead pedal” position (vertical cranks), dropping all my weight onto the frame and handlebar.

Mr toads is a great ride for the super technical parts, really hard technical uphill (try riding it all at the start), and then it ends with a nice flowy section great for the high gear.


Please add your name to the list if you are going:


Haha, yeah, the vert crank position of course! Kinda hard to line up your cranks on such a steep boulder, so you basically had to go for it and hope you hit it right. Maybe just before you rolled off, you could have done a nice little rolling hop, when your cranks were horizontal at the last moment, and been able to roll out. But then again, you probably weren’t expecting your cranks to be in the vertical position when yo landed, which is a tough thing to pedal out of sometimes.


Arrggg, Terry, you just have to steal my threads don’t you?:smiley:

Well, is anybody going? We have a choice to do either the big 13 mile ride Corbin did, or we could do a shorter one of only the downhill section.

We will be doing the shorter 3-mile version of the ride on Saturday, September 18th.

At the bottom of the trail, there is plenty of trails and stuff to keep going if people so desire.

There will be transport back up to the cars, but we might not be able to take everyone in one trip, depending on the turnout.

We will be meeting at the South Lake Tahoe Airport At 10 A.M. We will then pile al the gear in to the truck. You will then drive your car to the base of the trail and park your cars. We will use the truck (and my mustang if need be) to get everyone and gear to the top. When we get to the bottom you can head to your cars or keep going on the plethora of trails in the area.

This link shows the trail map. We start at big meadow, take the tahoe rim trail east then turn on to saxon creek trail (Mr toads). The whole thing should be 4.4 miles of back breaking, uni mashing fun!

Oops, it’s actually 4.4 miles.

So far:
Caylin(not confirmed yet)

Actually it was in 2006 that we were supposed to ride Downieville, but switched to Mr. Toads at the last minute due to fires and road closures between us and Downieville.

Part of the “ride” (the first part is mostly a hike) actually is on the same trail. You split off from the Rim Trail to do the actual Mr. Toads section, which is quite a bit more technical than the Rim Trail we rode for MUni Weekend (in fact, that ride might be pretty cool on 36"…).

Austin, use a date when creating a thread title. In a few days, this thread will point to a future Saturday that’s in the past. Better yet, use a mailing list to reach local riders. You’re welcome to send messages to post to mine, and Corbin will probably do the same with his Google Groups list that’s more focused on Bay area rides. I wish I could go, but definitely not this weekend. The weather should be much nicer! :slight_smile:

But it was in 2009 that you were supposed to ride Mr. Toads, but that was canceled.

Yeah, sorry about the title, I realized that just after I posted, but the 10 minute editing time was up.

Mr Foss is right so we are going to have to ride this trail every saturday for the rest of our lives.