Mr Pringle...

I grew up in Miami Florida in the 70’s and was coached by George Pringle. We had a unicycle club that performed in parades, fairs and such. It was awesome. I was hoping to obtain his email. I am also interested in unicycling again, this should be cute. I had a giraffe and a schwinn big wheel. I am curious what is on the market today that is comparable to the Big Wheel.

Thanks Much, If anyone talks to Mr. Pringle, PLEASE tell him hello for me.
Lisa Redwine

I have met George, and read of his exploits in training lots of unicyclists, acrobats, etc. My information is 20 years old, so not of much use. Try some Internet searches, in yellow and white pages, as well as just putting “George Pringle” with acro, unicycle or other stuff he was involved with. I’m sure he’ll turn up.

Meanwhile, I’m looking for Johnny Lonestar. For those of you who have been watching the America’s Got Talent TV show, he’s one of the people who I believe is still in the running. He’s a rope-spinner, gun-twirler, whip-cracker. What you don’t see is that he used to be a great unicyclist as well, and a member of my old Long Island Unicyclists club. His real name is John Gionotti and he’s from Long Island. But he grew up around horses, and learned his skills going to rodeos and other horse-related events. For the last 13 years or so he’s been professionally performing in a show called Country Tonite, originally in Las Vegas and now in Branson, MO. I just want to say hi and wish him good luck in the contest!

Welcome to the forum, Redwine. You definitely should get back into unicycling. There is a really great community of unicyclists here for your support, fun and general entertainment. You’ll be amazed at the availability of unicycles. Many, many manufacturers, models and sizes available as well as a proliferation of riding styles. The sport has come a long way in 30 years.

Howzabout something like this? Or this is probably more like what you grew up with.