Mr PP (Tim Tyler). Ever heard of him?

Has any of you (especially the Ozzies) ever heard of an entertainer named
Tim Tyler (who goes by the sobriquet Mr PP)? He performed in Sydney,
Australia in 1989, where I caught his amazing act. Until tonight, I had
always tried to find him entertaining somewhere here in the US, but it
finally dawned on me to try to google him out of the darkness. I have a
lead, but I am wondering if anyone else was ever fortunate enough to catch
his amazing act.

David Stone


I have seen his acts a few years back and he is so funny.
I last seen him in the “The pirates of penzance” Starring Jon English and Simon Gallergah back in the early 1990’s.
He rides a 16 inch wheel standard unicycle and some times a 5 foot giraffe Unicycle. He appeared in a few ad’s mainly in Australia and sometime’s he appeared solo as an act. He juggles Ping pong balls in his mouth. (amazing really you should see it) He is an amazing entertainer as you said and I sum it up against the Juggling family “The Allison’s”. If you do find him on Google, Let me know. I quite interested in him again really. Unreal. Thanks David.


I found something for you David Stone.
A Production base Teather on the
The Pirates of Penzance. That includes Mr.PP. Aka Tim Tyler.
Hope that’s what you’re looking for. I try to do my best I can David.

David Mason.

Sorry I thought that work. It did to me. Don’t click on it anyone. I’ll re-check it thoughly again and see it can work. I did use Google.

David Mason.

It had a nefarious space in it…


Thanks Phil. I’m Now Happy.
Thanks MATE.