mpegs and avis??

hi everyone. i have a file thats an mpeg, but i need to change it into an avi to put it in my editor. anyone know how to switch the type of file from mpeg to avi? thanks a lot, Kevin

Re: mpegs and avis??

VirtualDub can open an MPEG video and save it as an AVI.

VirtualDub is a freeware program for capturing video, compressing video, and doing basic editing of video. More info about it is on the web page. VirtualDub is a Windows program. If you’re using a Mac or Linux you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Email me if you have questions using VirtualDub or start a thread in “Just Conversation” asking for help. There are at least a couple of people in the forum there who are familiar with using VirtualDub. has some great guides on encoding, skip the bit about dvd ripping, and just follow it from where you load the file into virtualdub.

[Edit] Of course, I’m assuming you want to use a compressed format AVI. If not, just ignore :slight_smile:

VirtualDub rocks! I use it all the time!


thanks a lot guys! it worked great.