Moving up north

I am going to be moving to right out side of columbus ohio to a town called newark ohio. I am wondering if there is any good MUni in the area and if there is what is a good size unicycle to do it on.

Woohoo Nerk!

I dunno bout the muni riding there ( I just took up unicycling and I have been away from Ohio for 3 years) but Lee’s Famous Recipe has good fried chicken.


…and now back to your regularly scheduled program…

midwest muni

Hey Knoxuni, I live in Columbus, IN and have been muni riding here for a couple of years. Brown County Indiana has about 30 miles of outstanding mountain bike trails and it is within 3 hours of C-bus OH. I have never gotten the chance to ride with other unicyclists, so any company would be appreciated. We’ve got mostly fun flowing singletrack, but plenty of gnarly rocky trails with big(for midwest) hills. Come on down!

Ill be right on over :slight_smile:

I have been talking to BenKing about making a trip up from Louisville to MUni Brown County. It is just over an hours drive from downtown. My KYMBA friends rave about it. IMBA ranked Brown County as one of it’s “epic” trails. I’ll look you up when we come.

Looking at the map, you might be the next closest unicyclist (other than Ben) on the forums. Do you ever make it down to Kentucky? If you do, look me up! Cherokee (a Frederick Law Olmsted Park) is nice but I prefer the flow at Waverly Park.

To the OP. Don’t know about MUni trails but Columbus Ohio has a great Disc Golf course in Hoover Dam.

Ok im going to be about a hour north of columbus ohio any one in that area?

And here I thought that we were going to get another Canadian unicylist…Darn.

Unicyclists riding together? What is this strange concept you speak of? :smiley:

@ harley : i would love to live in canada some day!
@ madfural: i have been blessed with people to ride with down here

@ harley : i would love to live in canada some day!

Don’t forget we have winter up here. If you decide to live here do it in the summer :wink:

I like the cold this big boy had a hard time staying cool

so ima bump this. me and my cousin and a friend ride street muni and trials so we are game for anything. any one is central ohio?

Don’t forget the map.

(I too preffer the cold over hot)

Quick bump. we have a small group in mount vernon ohio with 4 people and a group in columbus with 3 or so. any one elce want to join??

Where do you ride muni in the Columbus area? There’s a chance I’ll be moving there this year.

I haven’t explored columbus much yet in my area we have 12miles of MUni so we don’t have much.

so here it is, we have lots of street and urban trials but muni im not sure about