Moving to Vancouver

Well, I’m getting on a bus and moving to vancouver in three days, and was wondering if there was a group email list, or when and where you guys meet. I know that the Vancouver Unicycle Club used to have a website, but it seems to be down. Hope to be riding with ya soon!


Search for Mike Rocks or Slugbath and try to find their e-mail addresses in the fora somewhere. I think Erin setup the website. Or send me a pm with your e-mail address and I will send you the mailing list.

The Vancouver riders are lame. I went up there this weekend and the lazy slobs all turned me down for a ride. It could be because I’m mean to them, I don’t know. Actually, I’ve been on a delightful Coker ride with a group of them and the urban rides are gorgeous. The Northshore Trails are in North Vancouver and are fantastic, nearby, MUni trails.

To tell the truth, which often evades me, they are unicyclists so all of them are great fun in reality.

Tynan, check your PMs…

I will be on the downtown side of the Cambie street bridge with my Coker tomorrow, Sunday 2 May at 7:00 AM (yes, 0700 hours). I will ride the Cambie Bridge, the Granville Bridge, and the Burrard Bridge if it is open when I get there. I will cross each bridge completely, then cut back to the waterfront to get to the next bridge, then back up to the bridge entrances, That is, I will avoid stairs.

I will start and end from the staging area of a Marathon to be run tomorrow so it will be crowded in that region. I will leave from the north side of the Cambie Bridge, southbound across False Creek, at 7:15 AM. I need to be back at the Cambie Bridge region downtown at 9:00 AM. You lame Vancouver riders are welcome to join me. The response so far has been very underwhelming. You guys are about as reliable as the BC ferries.