Moving to Portland, Oregon

Hey Guys,

I am moving to Portland tomorrow. I am going to be working over there this summer and I was wondering where good places to ride are. I like MUni riding the best. I was curious where people can ride in/around portland.


Get a hold of Ducttape (Madison). He can fill you in on all the details of the Portland area. If you have trouble finding him he works at:

Pretty much all of portland is awesome to ride.

Ive never done much muni over there, so I dont know where at the good spots are for that, but for street and trials, the whole city is a beast.

Hey man, You should for sure get a hold of me. There’s not too much intense Muni around here but there’s some although I don’t have a true muni. I do a lot of trials street and freestyle. Come check out the store when you have a chance, we’re on 37th and Sandy in the Hollywood district in the Budweiser building. I’m there monday, friday and saturday. Pm me for my contact info and we’ll get together for some Muni, I’ve got a friend who knows some really good trails about an hour or so south of Portland.