Moving to Georgia, any riders

Hey, i’m moving to Georgia, South of Atlanta, nearby citys will be Stockbridge, Jonesboro, Mcdonough, Morrow. Any ridders around those areas? Also i’m looking for a room for rent, if any unicyclers out there anywhere got a room for rent let me know.


You are lucky, the unicycledotcom store is in Atlanta, Georgia. I think… actually, I think it’s in a city very near Atlanta. the city name Marietta comes to mind, but don’t quote me on that…

oh, also check out

Yeah I know that about ^^ its kinda sweet i’ll save on shipping atleast.

Any reason for moving to that side of town? I am on the other side of town. There is a uni/church group on the southern side, more off 85 South(I think it’s Newnan), than 75 South, but still relatively close. We are slowly building the Atlanta Unicyle Club, and we have members from all over. I am on the NE side, and actually plan on riding around Stone Mtn in the morning as well as part of the PATH trail toward Atlanta. Hopefully get in at least 20 miles. is indeed in Marietta, as are quite a few riders. Let us know when you get to town.

Also we are riding in the Tour de Cure in the middle of May if you’ll be living here then. Not sure if you are a Coker rider, but if you are it would be great to have another uni rider. I think Reid may be doing it on a 29er.

Whoa, thats awesome man. I live in Georiga. Forsyth County actually. And, just for the heck of it,

Yes it is in Marietta.

We ride MUni almost every day in Decatur, weather permitting. We’d love to have your ride with us any time.

Where can one ride muni in Decatur?

It’s top secret… they won’t even tell me for fear it will be over run with unicyclists. Actually they told me the name, but I haven’t actually found this mythical place.:wink:

It’s called Mason Mills Park.

But even better, would be the Yellow River Mtn Bike Park, wich is 11 miles from Decatur(all Hwy on 78). Just depends on the time you have. For me the Yellow River is closer,only 1.5 miles from work.

dang, now we gotta kill ya.

Oh no! That was top secret.

Dang, now we gotta kill Bug, and everyone else who read the post.

Sorry, but that’s the rules.

Death by bludgeoning with a 3" MUni tire.

Unless you have another preferred way to die…

Re: dang, now we gotta kill ya.

One more ride with you guy’s ought to do it.:smiley:

Still Moving?

No i changed my mind… Yes I 'm still moving ^^ Ganna be there mid next month, I’ll try and get ahold of some riders in the area, i’m acctually pretty phyched to meet some more unicyclers, i’m the only one I know.

Re: Moving to Georgia, any riders

On Sat, 23 Apr 2005 18:42:36 -0500, “cyberpunk” wrote:

>Yeah I know that about ^^ its kinda sweet i’ll save on
>shipping atleast.

What you save on shipping you’ll expend on shopping. :slight_smile:

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Mason Mills Park

Yellow River

Only Bugman and Reid can I.D. me. But since I’ve recently gotten a haircut and changed shirts, I could be anybody. (Hint for spotting covert MUnier: look for the dinged up shins and mud in teeth.)

Our operatives know how to find you. It’s impossible for you know which of those mud spots on your MUni are really mud, and which are really our MUni-GPS mud tracker transmitters.

Next thing you know you’ll be screaming “Get away from those cans! He hates those cans!”

Re. the dinged shins, I don’t so much feel your pain, as my own.

Camping/Riding in Huntsville Alabama this weekend
You should come. Bring your thermos. And your chair. That’s all you’ll need is your chair and your thermos. And a lamp. You’ll need your lamp…and a chair…and a thermos…

PS: We’re watching the weather closely at this juncture.