Moving to Cville Virginia, any local muni-ists

As a precursor I am a twice graduate, going to become a thrice… so I know most of the trails in the area, however, I was only mt biking back then. I breifly re-visited O-hill and yes it was as rocky rooty and leaf covered as i remember.

Anyhoo, I am looking for other muni-ists in the area… I am relatively new to muni, and as a father have not a huge amount of time to get out on trails… but love to when I can. Hoping to find a couple people to muni with on random occasions…

I live in Mount Solon, Va about an hour west of Charlottesville. I work about 20 minutes west of there. I too don’t have many occasions to ride, but would like to hit the trails sometime. I live on a mountainside and mostly ride the trails that lead from my front yard up the mountain. There are a # of riders in Richmond that I occasionally ride with. I think there are some more regular rides going on there.