Moving to Albuquerque, starting a muni club

Well, it’s final. I’ll be moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico at the end of July to start a new job. So far, I haven’t been able to find any local mountain riders there. But I hope to start a club and change all that. There seem to be some real nice trails in ABQ, just minutes from town. A particularly nice luxury is that they are not on fire. So if you’re passing through ABQ after July, or if you know any riders or prospectives in the area, let’s ride!

Eyal Aharoni
Santa Barbara Unicycle Club
Albuquerque Unicycle Club

Paris Hilton: “That’s hot.”

Goodbye ocean! :o

I’ve been up to Sandia Crest on foot. It overlooks Albuquerque from the northeast and is less than an hour drive from Albuquerque to the top. It’s very scenic, and the altitude (10,000+ feet) keeps it relatively cool. Unfortunately all the potentially “good” and rugged MUni trails I saw were no bikes allowed. If nothing else, there seemed to be plenty of good big wheel trails though.

Good luck with the move! :slight_smile:

Was it something we said? :frowning:

The muni dandelion seed takes to the wind. May you find fertile ground…

I was actually lookin into movin up there earlier this year. Plans kinda didn fall through, but I hope you the best of luck in your relocation. Try to hit up Maxx Shultz, he is in New Mexico and we all can agree he is just a beast, and would be a great addition to your new club!

I’ve thought about doing something like that down in Las Cruces. I’ve only met one other unicyclist here, though. At least there are more New Mexican unicyclists.

Thanks for the comments, fellas. Entropy, it’s not something you said… it’s just that they’re paying me more than you ever did. But if you want to come visit me, just go to Albuquerque and commit a crime.

Are you still in ABQ? I just moved back to NM and looking for other riders.


No, I’m no longer in ABQ. The club is no longer active, but a couple riders still live there. I suggest you get in touch with Rob Sengebush. I’ll PM you with his info. I hope you enjoy the trails!