moving the toque games to quebec city for 2006

here’s a thought, originating from julien renaud:

"hey, (mike),

Due to the fact that there is no TOque games this year , I was wondering if you guys ( The BUUC ) have some trial stuff so that we can organize something, like a small trial event in the end of the winter. We will also need an indoor place blah blah blah… We could also consider this “event” like a start for the canadian unicycling organisation that you were talking about a few months ago. I know that we dont have a lot of time but I think that it could be really fun

Let me know what you think of this.


Mike -I definitelly think you are on to something. as for an indoor location, that is definitelly a problem for the buuc, but not necessarilly for us in quebec (l’association de monocycle de quebec, the unicycling club of the quebec school of circus arts). as for trial stuf, that is the least of our wories. If we are going to make this work, we need to know as soon as possible how many people are seriously interested, and how much each is willing to pay to help cover for insurance costs, and all the rest.

-If all you guys from the unicycling community could let me know your interest level (willingness to pay between 10 and 100 dollars as an entrance fee, pay in advance, actually come… -I am throwing these out as rough measures -one person has said they would pay about 20$…), I could initiate the process of planing the event!

so far we seem to have a sizable group -20 and up potentially interested people.


Hey Mike,

You are more than welcome to organize a trials event to fill the gap left by the cancellation of the 2006 TOque Games, however I would ask that you not call your event TOque for a couple of reasons:

  1. TOque is an abbreviation for TOronto Quixotic Unicycle Exhibition. Since you are looking at hosting your event in Quebec City it doesn’t quite fit in to the abbreviation.

  2. The TOque Games are run by the Toronto Unicyclists and there is an established history and identity to the games. To also call your event the TOque Games would cause confusion.

That being said, I encourage you to put on your own unicycle event as the more events there are for riders the better. If you need any advise for organizing your event let me know and I’ll offer all the advise I can.

Carl Hoyer
TOque Games Organizer

Well, it’s been done before… during the summer. The quebec gang had organised this (REALLY awesome) trials/muni event on the Mt-Ste-Anne but they didn’t have the time for it this summer.

It would be a great idea sure, but it’s kindof like imposing all this work on Simon and whatnot and I’m more than certain that they’re busy. If Julien wants an event done he should organise it himself here in Montreal. I would help out. What COULD be done is rent out the Orkus skate-park I practise at but that would be hard to keep for a whole weekend.

So yup, I also think that any quickly improvised event like this, that lacks the history of the Toque games wouldn’t attract the same crowd as Toque does.

all right, it was not my intention to step on the toes of toque, but to try to help out all I could.

My proposal is really for all those who miss toque and want to get together in it’s spirit and for whom quebec city is not too far away, that I can organize for us to host an event here around the same time.

I work with simon, by the way, and if we did put this on, I would be doing most of the organizing :slight_smile:

Hahah go for it then! I’d hit it.

Definately interested :slight_smile: I’m sure the rest of the BUUCers would be too…

yea, I have tough about it but since we can only rent the orkus at 21h00 the week or something like that, it would be impossible.

My idea was not to organize an event just to say that it would be cool to have other competition since there is no toque games this year. Since im not really near quebec city, I cant do a lot. But mike if you need help dont forget to let me know. I started asking people if they were interested but since they dont come on msn often its hard so ill send them email.

Mike: Did simon talk to you about about the comeback of CUMON this year ?

CUMON is back? W007! Maybe I can make it this year :smiley:

thats really not sure but a friend of simon talk about it…