moving still stand

Has anyone tried idling or doing a still stand upon a moving surface, like on a train or a bus? On the deck of a boat?

No, but I’ve always wanted to try. Ther closest I’ve come is playing around on my sliding/rolling see-saw. It’s made up of a ramp, leading to a beam which sits freely on three cable spools sitting curvy side down. You ride up the ramp and onto the plank, then stop pedalling and do a mini stillstand until it passes it’s fulcrum point and tips over, then you ride off. Very fun. I want to make one that slides further though, the furthest I got on a successful attempt was 1.5m metres of sliding before it tipped.


Me and Joel have done some hopping to a still stand onto a (turns into moving) skateboard

It’s quite hard

I really really want to see a gapping between moving train cars scene in a movie

for the intro of my next video im gonna gap between a semi-trailer and a flat-bed semi trailer

they will be moving of course

If I ever have my uni while on an empty bus…

yeah, i did one on a trailer. It was pretty cool (idling and still stand)


I’ve ridden in the subway as it stopped to demonstrate. Then the thing started moving. I wondered why I was pedalling so hard and leaning so far before I looked over and noticed the platform flying by. It was fun. ONce it evened out I started hopping and doing stillstands. I’ve also done it in the transbay tube on BART where the trains hit speeds around 80 mph. It’s just like normal excapt a bit louder and bumpier, though.

Riding on a moving vehicle is part of the Unicycle Fanatic Test. The test is linked from the front page of

I’ve unicycled on the car deck of a Washington State Ferry. The ferry is easy since it’s so big that it doesn’t rock or even feel like it’s moving. I need to go out and find a more challenging moving vehicle to ride on.

I was on a home comeing game parade float that I shouldn’t have been on (rogue class of '05 and 171/344 Suniors).

It was a little awkward at first, but got easier.

If you had a really good driver of the vehicle, they could help you make adjustments to maintain balance. If you were falling backwards, they could slow down to help you back into a balanced position.

This might only work in theory. Adjustments would have to be pretty subtle by the driver. But it’s fun to think about.

To go even heavier on the theoretical possibilities… You could sit on the uni and stay stiff while the driver makes all the adjustments for you. Just like balancing a pole on your hand or foot. The uni and rider would become like the pole and the vehicle driver would keep the rider upright. Being the rider for this scenario would be a weird feeling!


ive ridden on escalators, that was kinda strange…i also tried to sit at the bottom of one (going up) and pedal like it was a treadmill…didnt really work coz it wasnt going fast enuff. still stands were easy enuff

i’ve seen dan ride a razor scooter on his uni… don’t worry it will be in my video

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On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 11:10:43 -0600, “billham” wrote:

>To go even heavier on the theoretical possibilities…

To take it still further, the driver could accelerate and decelerate
the truck so that the rider rides forward and backward. By bumping the
truck over speed bumps and the like, he could make the unicyclist hop
up a cable spool or anything. Heck, if the rider has his feet on the
pedals and provides power input, the drives has to ‘compensate’ for
that. Anyone could do anything on a unicycle!

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Owen (Murde_Mental) does in his video. It looks cool I’ll tell him to look at this thread next time he’s on.