Moving on

So I started unicycling ~ 5 weeks ago (still nooby I know). And I have mastered forwards, tuning and am learning to idle/go backwards in my spare time. I was wondering if any1 has suggestions for easy to learn, and kind of impressive tricks? I want something I can move on to when i finish learning to idle. :smiley: Really liking the forums by the way!

one foot idling is a pretty good one

wheel walking is also pretty good, but i think takes much longer to learn than one foot idling.


Thanks anton! Im having a little trouble with idling, does any1 have any small tips on how to learn better?

next tricks might have something to do with what you want out of unicycling.

When I started my goal was MUni. With that in mind once I got to where you are I focused on hops, rolling hops, static mount, rolling mount.

If you want to do Freestyle you will probably want to idle really well, then one foot idling, then wheel walking and gliding. Admittedly, I am only now starting to learn this progression since it wasn’t my original intention.

Also, whatever trick you learn it is good to learn it on both sides. I haven’t been good at this last point, but I’ve been in situations where it really would have made it easier to mount on my off side.

Hello Smoky, I found foot wraps quite easy to learn. Using Venture 2 cranks, I just stand on the crank arm which stops the wheel from rolling as I raise my other foot up and around the saddle. I hold the saddle with alternating hands as I do so. I find the venture 2 cranks good for this because their crank arms are not rounded at the edges so your supporting foot has better grip.

And it looks so cooool!

I suggest that you wait until you have more experience before learning to go backwards. I had a few hard falls while learning to ride backwards. I was wearing safety gear including back pack to break my fall. So I broke no bones.

Hope this help