Moving on from 180 unispin.

Hi all,
So I landed the 180unispin(at last) and i can now perform them 95% of the time so I want to move on. I think the most straightforward thing to progress to doing is 360 unispins. I’m having some difficulties. So does any one have any advice on how to progress from 180 to 360unispins. I would have thought that it was simply jumping higher but is there any thing else. I also have found that I am struggling to jump higher. I usually clear the tire by about 4inches but when I see other people they seem to jump massively above the tire. Is this just practice or is there anything i can do to help this as well.
I do hope that this all made sense.

Note, I was also wondering if someone could answer this additional question. Is it true that the majority of the street tricks that people do (treyflip hickflip for example) are they just combinations of crank flips unispins and hop twists.

that was a lot to read wasn’t it but i do appreciate it.
Thank you

well once i get the 180 unispin im going to put some more time into my 90 degree unispins, to and from the tire, and for street tricks theres obstacles for you to play around with hopping up/down in creative ways and all that kinda stuff

A hickflip is a combination of a 180 unispin and a crankflip. A treyflip is a combination of a 360 unispin and a crankflip. A fifthflip is a combination of a 540 unispin and a crankflip. Sejflips use 720 unispins and Spencerflips use 900 unispins.


I got some good tips that helped me land it at the end of this thread.

360 unispins took me the longest of any trick I’ve tried to learn. I completely went through a set of KH leg armor learning them.