movies make you do stuff

phil and i made seaton unicycle clubs first club meet mini movie the other day i did stuff i would never do if i had not of been filmed but at the end of the day i was doing a trials line on some rocks in a park when i hopped down to a lower level of rocks and as my tyre was wet and the rock was wet and the fact my tyre is almost bald probably did not help the wheel slipped from under me i fell from about 3.5 size 7(uk) shoes high or three size 8 (usa) this may sound strange but i measure drops in my shoe sizes as i always have shoes on.i fell on my back and elbows and some how injured my wrists?? my right wrist is now fine but my left wrist is still not great which was bad as i had to play basketball in p.e today.the worst thing is it was not filmed as phil was moving back to get me in shot but i just hopped any way so all you will hear is "i moving back"phil "arggggg"thinuniking.the film we made will hopefully be on phils site or on the unicyclist gallery soon…
phil does a crazy drop on a 4ft skatepark ramp.i make a fool out of my self trying to crank grab to rubber and we do some drops and other fun stuff.
what dumb stuff have you done because of that little silver box the camera?

I agree, cameras do encourage a little more foolhardiness than usual, but then, you don’t want to do something silly and it not be caught on camera, do you? I’m more likely to try something bigger if it’s being filmed, and it’s frustrating when you’re filming something and failing it, then when the guy holding the camera gets bored, and stops, is when you pull the trick off! Ah well.

This seems to be a convinient place to plug my new video. I have a digital camera that does 15 second silent movie clips, so the quality is not as high as some videos, but I made up for it with slick editing and some funky music :sunglasses: . Ten points for the first person to name the clasical original in the track. Also I’m not an advanced rider (5 months since starting), so don’t expect big fancy stuff, just good honest entertainment :slight_smile:

3:13 long, 11.1MB

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that movie was HILARIOUS! Oh what an awsome movie!

Thanks. Oh yes… did I forget to mention: the 2.3 metre swordfish is called Carlos. The reason I was in evening wear, with him on my back was to try to win a Marmite Extreme Sandwiching competition. Alas I failed, but it made for a random set of clips.

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Heh heh heh :). That swordfish was cool.


that 6 and a 1/2 foot drop in my movie ( justin), i didnt want to do it but there was a crowd of ppl and it was the first day i got the camera s oi just hucked my self off it nd nailed it the 5 or 6 th time.


Nice one, Red! Very light-hearted.

that was one awesome movie, redwelly.

I tried a 4 foot drop (my biggest, not huge for you guys but big enough for me) to get on video. I failed miserably, but at least I tried. And I succeeded the next couple of times.

I just found out how to change the folder name for a gallery, which means that the link to my movie in this thread won’t work anymore. So, here’s the new one:

Go and get it! You know you want to…

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