hey guys this is my first movie i’ve made its about 2 min long plaease give your comments …:slight_smile:

not bad how long have u been ridin for and good work on thestairs

about a little more than one year but only getting kinda serious in the past couple months…and thx

Great Job

Practice makes perfect!
Not to sound like your parents but, in order to continue to improve you need to stay healthy.
Leg Armor and Helmet.
It’s like seatbelts in the car. Everyone is doing it.
Take it from me, I ride 2,000+ miles a year and just 4 months ago I broke my knee cap.
I would have never expected that.
Keep up the great work.


good job.

and sweet music!:smiley:

thx and i’m getting leg armor in the next week:)

wow, the hooping up the 2 stairs was really nice. Ive only been able 2 do that twice. nice riding.


You should spell unicycling right.

good job