my movie was all taped and ready to be edited untill when i hooked it up to my comp we found out it didnt work so were taking the cam back and well make one soon.


Thanks for that uber-helpful post! I’m so happy that I now know that extremely useful information! You made my day!

Re: movie

Sure you did. Sure it didn’t work.

ill have one in a couple days

Your signature picture is annoying.

I was gonna say that. Also, it is unneccesary, since this is a unicycling forum.

By annoying i think he means it is a bit big and blank and pointless.

can’t we all just get along


Yep, that basically covers it.

I agree with tennisgh, though, let’s all be friends!!


So are you going to post a video???

There isn’t one… havn’t you picked up on that yet?

Man that is one annoying avatar… :roll_eyes:

This is off topic, but I have to agree.

On Topic:
Normally, you should use a subject line that lets people know if they should be interested in reading more about it. In this case, the best subject line might have been none. Otherwise, something like “No movie yet” would be more useful.

Back Off Topic:
Graphical signatures waste bandwidth, make pages longer than they need to be, and are distracting. Yours is no worse than most of the others people use.

To continue the rant, animated gifs are annoying also, including in avatars. The slower they animate, the less annoying they are. James Potters’ is fine, though again, the multiple frames mean a bigger load time. Please avoid animated gifs.

Normally I would say your signature area should not be larger than what you post, but mine runs pretty large. I leave the contact information and “Read the rules” parts in there because hopefully people find them useful.

Anyway, if/when you have a movie to upload, please notify us with a more descriptive subject line. We’ll be ready!