hey everybody!
it’s me, logan!
me and friend Ryan (very cool) just finish put together movie.
Movie belonging to logan

it doesn’t have any good riding, and it’s pretty poorly made, but it’s definatly worth the download!



YOu can tell that Ryan made that post eh, but it is my awesome video. Why don’t you guys download it or coment it makes me feel reaaly bad:( .
BYe guys…:frowning:


If you guys don’t watch my movie now please, I’ll have to make another post about it, so please watch and reply it’s a funny and weird movie at the same time. l/l/ A ---- _
l (
` l-l l)(l E.


i saw it!

it was great…uni baseball would be fun.not the batting part but after you go to bat and get a hit,then you jump on a uni an go go go.

Yeah Jaguar, for being the first nonme to respond to this ppost you will receive a special gift and so will the next 30 people to respond. A brand new 100% platinum/diamond rolex watch, and matching suit (retail value of $100,000,000.000) I’ll do anything for my movie fans.


SOme of the promises above may be untrue or false.

Logan, you’re such a nerd.
i thouroughly enjoyed your movie (making it too!) and hope that it brings peace to your life.