Movie: Spencer and Evan

I have been at Evan’s house for a few days and we have been filming stuff and we edited it and here it is.
Evan rides the BC except on the trashcan hop and 360 off the bench. I ride the uni for all of it with a demonstration of how to float a BC wheel though Evan already did it the day before.

Anyway… Here is the link. It’s about 6 and a half minutes and 38mb.
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Cool video, I doubt I’ll ever be able to do half of those tricks… I’m just too old and fat haha… but once my son figures out the one wheel… look out :wink:

Nice vid guys. I especially liked the double 1.5 foot BC jump combo kind of near the end, and the BC “comma” move in slow mo down the stairs. Realize I’m dating myself with the comma name…that’s old school skiing. I’m sure it’s called something else now.

Nice to see the edge being pushed on BC. Almost makes me want to go buy one and wrack myself up.

you realy have skills!
Evan: Mye be you and you bc’s can join the next universe film!

Weee, you made my day. I’m sittin’ here in the office the last day working, so it was pretty funny to watch. I like it. I like the spots, because this is a real problem around where I live, everything is flatland here, no stairs. Especially spots for gapping are really hard to find (That’s why I do Freestyle most of the time in the gym :D).

Keep it up!

wow great job to both of you. im so close on my 360 unispins so it was nice to see those. the crankflips and bc’ing were really nice too. nice touch with the girl pants too.:wink:
keep it up guys1

WOW! GReat movie. That was a good X-mas gift to a bored and snowed-in swede.

You could have made it shorter though. Some of the clips didn’t have the same quality as the others.

Nice vid guys!

I too am trapped indoors by a cold and snowy winter.

I need all the videos I can get [Note: to those of you who are warm and have cameras]

dude, that was a SWEET movie!! you’re really good for your age…makes me want to go riding. I couldn’t about a week ago because of the snow, and now I can’t because my leg still hurts from my coker UPD…q-:

hey spencer, did you use more than one uni in the film? did one of them have a kh frame and the other an onza? just wondering because im looking to find a 20" KH frame for my 06, torker. its prettty heavy so im looking to replace the frame. thanks

I rode the same wheel the whole time but the first day I used a bedford frame then I put a summit on for the rest of the time. I doubt the torker frame is much heavier than the summit but I don’t think weight matters that much, I can’t notice the difference.

The BC riding was sick! I liked that ride up and down the ramp and the slo-mo skate park drop near the end. The ride onto the bench then the ledge was amazing! That’s BC trials if I’ve ever seen it… even though I’ve never seen it before. I was hoping Ev would land the drop he did on the uni earlier. Maybe in the next vid.

I also like the BC / unicycle chase scene near the end. I’d like to see some more of that… if you guys could do follow-the-leader, that’d be rad.

Now, Evan, if I see you riding without your helmet once more I’m gonna drive down and whoop your little a**. Your spelling is bad enough now, we won’t even be able to understand you if you end up with a head injury! :stuck_out_tongue:

Darn i wish i could do that with my BC. Same tire and hub and all very similar to Evan’s but im just not that good yet. Nice job guys!!!

awesome vid!

except for the 2nd song…

yeah awesome video… but i definately wasnt feeling the fall out boy


I’ll watch it next month when our download limit is reset (there’s no such thing as unlimited-download internet here in Australia as far as I know)…I’ll assume it’s great though.

I’d like to make a request for your next movie: BC wall rides.


Neither of us were wearing girl pants :sunglasses: If you were talking about me then my pants were tighter than usual because of my shin guards under them;)

Cool, nice one. Your good at those darn crankflips… :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that grip tape on your cranks? 'Cause thats a good idea…

I liked Evan’s big tire grab towards the end too.

No tire grab in that video.

Oh, maybe he just tucks it in so high it looked like it…