Hey, I finished my movie, because i got double flips down yesterday, right after i got my new seat, but idk how to upload it on youtube, because it said invalid file, it is in windows movie maker is how i made it. Anyone know what to do? :astonished:

im not shure ,but congrads on the doubles. how long have you been riding?

Go to file on the top left and go down to “save movie file”. Then it will save as a movie, not just as a movie project. I hope this helps:)

I ride a couple hours a day, but since august.

Score I think it is doing wht you were talking about, ill try it again in youtube, then once it is loaded, if it gets loaded, then ill put it in the movie section of hope you guys like it.
All the best parts on it are at the end though.

put it on GOOGLE video, it is much more reliable than Youtube.