movie: Park stuff (trials, flatland, bc)

Haha, my uni is not light. I am riding it with a summit frame. (edit) Oh, I am riding my bedford frame in the last shot. That shot is actually old. I always move my uni parts around fore different reasons. This time its because a normal 22.2 post won’t hold up for me anymore.

My BC tire is a luna. It had an accident with the belt sander;)
Evan and I shaved it down so it is really smooth. It is pretty awesome.

I uploaded a MPG4 version into my gallery but if you click download then it downloads it to your computer.

I am trying to find the best way to compress it for next time.

that was awesome. hi Mr. scary reeder:)

…does that really serve a purpose? I always figured you used a relatively grippy tire for BC trials 'n such.

doesn’t hurt your leg. It’s awesome.

The purpose is that when it rubs my leg it is smooth instead of the knobs on the side grinding away at my pants/shinguards/ace bandage. I have not done anything yet where I would actually use the grip. It isn’t like a uni or trials bike where you need the grip to stay on things…it is kind of hard to explain. With the shaved tire the bc just has a better feel to it.

Edit: yeah, what Miles said.

Cool, I’ll take your word for it. :smiley:

I just don’t like BC wheeling…

Have you tried it before?

No, he hasn’t.

Yeah, what stalker-boy said.

I might like it more if I BCed, but for now, unicycling is jsut so much better that BCing just seems boring to me.

Nicew video Spencer. Those plates do look very bent.

sweet vid spencer. im thinking about swapping out tire on my bc.


Worst logic ever.

Thanks to my filming genius.

Oh yeah???
Well…shut up!


some of those falls made me laugh.
good riding though

yeah, another great vid of Spencer, I like his stuff so much !
As he told you, we talk about a way to upload his new stuff directly to our server. I upload this video to make a little test if it works to watch it (by left click) and to download it (by right click) for everyone.
So please give a short response if a link like that would be an improvement for you.

Thank you! I tried to make a .wmv file but imovie tells me I have inconsistant audio or something that I don’t understand.

Thanks for the comments.