movie: Park stuff (trials, flatland, bc)

Hey, I went to the park by my house and I brought the cam.

I took the footy from today and then I put in some other things that I haven’t posted.

It isn’t very good but whatever.

I got really close to landing 180 doubleflips then my camera battery died so I just went home.

The circles on the bc wheel were for Jeff (skate4flip).

Thats about it.

Oh and its the same kind of file as my other movie so if you couldn’t see it before then it probably won’t work again.

Bryan said it didn’t work so I will just upload it to youtube also…

is there a link to the youtube video?

that was cool. all i had to do was click download and it worked

No, I said I was going to but youtube doesn’t want to work for me right now.

Here is an .AVI version. The quality is horrible.


Nice video, thought the music went with the riding very well - casual, smooth.

Bad quality or not, the riding was still impressive…

The unicycling was better than the BC-ing though. :smiley:

I dunno what you guys are talking about, the quality is great on my end.

Yeah, I know. My plates are bent pretty badly so I can’t really do big or techy stuff until I get new ones.

If you watched the first one I linked to then its pretty good quality. The second one was for the people who can’t watch the first one and it is a lot worse.


for all those downloady freaks like me:

good vid spencer. i always look forward to your stuff!

not workin

what, my DL link? right click and save as!

it worked for me at least!

spencer, i have to admit, i’m always impressed by your videos because they’ve always got such variety.
It’s great!

nice dude!
the one footed gliding was ill!

None of the three links worked for me, probablly because the gallery “server load is too high”.

Thanks, it was actually coasting though.

They work for me. Olarf at told me that soon I can just upload my stuff directly to there so there should be less problems.

If anyone knows how to compress stuff the right way in imovie or Compressor then PM me.

nnnoooiiiiiiiccccceeee vid, i liked it


sweet video spencer

ahh it worked… just took A LONG time, i clicked on the DL link then just forgot about it then like 15 min later i heard music and it was playing…

edit:nice riding

finally worked for me too. I like the way you do 360 unispins. Diferent people just look different when they do those, or your unicycle is light and spins fast, or something…

What tire do you have on the BC?