Movie Maker with MS Vista problems

I recently bought a new PC notebook with Vista, which includes the newest version of Movie Maker. It has lots of new effects and stuff but I’m having serious problems with playback while/after editing. I’m apparently not the only one, as you can see below. Anyone else having this problem? I don’t know how to fix the glitch. I tried increasing “virtual memory”, but that didn’t help. The guy’s dilemma below is exactly the problem I’m having.

>Whenever I am importing or editing footage with Windows Movie Maker on
> Windows Vista Ultimate, I eventually can’t even playback what I have edited.
> I keep pressing the play button but it does nothing and I can’t even play
> what I have been working on. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is there a
> fix for Playback issues? Please can you help me?

sure i can help you

use linux!:wink:

The problem is movie maker it is s**t.
But more likely it’s an issue that windows will solve with some kind of update in the future, like everything they do they don’t seem to test things properly before releasing it to the general public.
I really don’t see the point in anyone owning vista yet as there will be loads of unsupported files, programs, games etc.
I’m not saying its not good but it maybe just needs some time to develop.
As to your actual question I have no idea try getting Adobe Premiere or some other editing software the basics really aren’t that hard and it works.

When I bought this Notebook just last week, I hadn’t even heard of “Vista”, and was excpecting XP. Apparently pretty much ALL new PCs come with vista as the standard OS now, so I guess I didn’t have the XP option, which ALSO had movie maker issues!

yeah i have the new vista too and have been having nothing but problems with it :angry: we’ve taken it back about 3 times so far to get somthing looked at. Havent had problems with WMM yet, but its probaly just a matter of time

Best answer. If you make a lot of movies, read some reviews and get a program that is purpose-written to do what you want. It will serve you far better than some toy that was slapped into Windows as an afterthought.

I get ya, but so far I’ve made over 50 movies with this “Toy”. :slight_smile:

For the most part, they’ve all come out pretty well; But as my movies get more complex, with more effects and such, it just takes a lot of extra time to get it right, dealing with the constant crashes and whatnot.:smiley: I’ve heard some very good reviews of Power Director and premier, so I’ll need to do a bit more research to determine which will be the best choice and be compatible with vista. I’m also a bit spoiled because MM is usually just so easy to use…FAR easier than most stand-alone video editors that you buy off the shelf.

Freeware, Open Source, and totally amazing. Follow along on some basic tutorials, though, because it is a more complex program to use. Very different from Movie Maker.

But at this point it sound like you’re getting into Trials with your starter Torker. Time to upgrade? Of course you just spent a bunch on your new laptop, so a look at some of the free stuff might be the best option for now. Also Adobe Premiere Elements and Pinnacle Studio (the cheap one) are both supposed to be really good. Trade in your Torker for a “real” unicycle.

Note: Because Vista is so new and there are still oodles of driver issues and whatnot, try to look up reports of how it runs in Vista before buying anything. Many of these driver issues will be cleaned up in the next few months, but it would be annoying to spend money on something that doesn’t do much for you right now than WMM.

Haha good analogy! Yeah I’m ahead of you on that one; I’ve spent quite a good chunk ‘o’ time today researching what’s currently compatible with vista.

It appears that both Power director 5 and Premier elements 3.0 are compatible, but the premier website says that there still may be some “issues”. So for the time being, I’ll continue fiddling with MM.

Should have gotten a mac! what were you thinking you could have gotten a great deal on Final Cut! argh! sheesh! later!

Lol… herpes is (probably) more fun than movie maker. “Effects” are for kids… (come on, where’s the control?) white/red text on blue background is a joke. I’m pretty sure the whole program is a joke, maybe MS programmers find all the bugs from all their other programs and throw them all in there just to see if anyone will still use it.

If you want something a bit cutting edge that isn’t ridiculously expensive, checkout NewTek SpeedEdit. $295.00 and I doubt it will get anywhere near outdated for at least a few years. It’s relatively very cheap for what it is.

yeah, that was mainly just a joke, i didnt even know what movie editing programs (if any) there were.

Terry, are you lost? This is a unicycling forum. Granted we’ve a few geeks here, but this isn’t exactly a place to get tech. support.

Have you tried searching the manufacturer’s site for help?

Microsoft has a number of Knowledge Base / Knowledge Center sites for each of its products. Here’s the link for Windows Media products. I’d recommend searching around for your problem to see if there’s a workaround or a planned fix to be released.

Here’s a link to a Microsoft newsgroup for Movie Maker. Yeah, it says XP but it’s linked from the Vista section of Microsoft’s web site.

Also, there seem to be a number of “fan sites” for this software (although I don’t know who’d be a fan of such a POS). Here’s Google’s number one hit for a support forum outside of

Good luck!

Yeah sorry for posting here. Looks like a vista compatibilty problem. I’ll figure something out, thanks!

hes just being a “twit” as it is. No worries

Terry, I’m running Vista ultimate movie make ‘okay’. But I’ve got a quadfx pc.

‘okay’ meannig it crashes/hangs an acceptable number of times per day.
Be careful with video codecs. If you’ve installed any/many, try uninstalling or googling for movie maker codec issues.