Movie: Luke And Max

Hey everybody, heres a vid me and max pfeifer made over the week. Its mainly street with a bit of freestyle and trials.

Its goes for about 3 minutes and its’ about 6mb.

Tell us what you think.

I’m not sure if that link works, heres another one

good man, but it was missin ME!! No crazy trials :frowning: hahaha

thats really awsome! loved it guys, your getting realy good realy quick, sort of scary…

haha, damn.

I think it must be something in the height… haha, i can’t beleive i look upto yous too ‘budum ch!’

haha, that’s gettin hold now.

Sick stuff boys,


thats really excellent i like tyhe stacking and song at the end of the movie

that wrap around trick in the beginning is doubled over. you can tell by the choppiness in between clips

Double wrap! Amazing! I’ve only seen dan heaton do that trick.

Nah, it’s not. At first I thought it might be, but his hands are in different places for the beginnings of both wraps…sorry Keaton :frowning:

Have you not seen Xavier Collos do a triple?

Woah, you guys are getting really good. I like your flatland stuff and that step around grind was really nice too. Make another one!

gosh, i need to practice more.

great riding guys loved it.

Thanks everyone for your comments! Yeah that double wrap was real.

Glad you guys liked it.

Luke, Did you speed up the leg around grind?



No, why do you think that? Its pretty slow.

That was really cool a couple of those tricks I had only seen Xav do. Keep video’s like this comming.

is there anychance you could put it in wmv format so i can watch it? or give me a program that i could use to watch it.

way coll really liked it

I think this plays avi’s

Great camera work… I really liked the different angles and perspectives. The riding is superb… sure, we’ve seen most of the tricks before but you guys have them dialed in… very smooth!

You guys have a killer skate park to play at… I’m jealous!

no i just downloaded divx and it wont play it…would it be too much to ask you to put it in wmv format…preetty please:P