Movie: Just Unispins

I just practiced some unispins today and I filmed some stuff.
Its mostly 540 unispins and stuff like that.
Here is a link
It is .mov so you might have to download it, right click, save as.

If anyone knows a good way to convert .mov files so something that streams in the gallery let me know.

SUPER converter converts to virtually anything from anything

at least they weren’t crankflips

good work

There is no need to convert. MOV files are fine by me.
MOV files have the advantage that they’re actually easier to download from the gallery and they don’t automatically stream. I don’t actually like the way the gallery automatically streams video. It’s a PITA and suffers from lags when the server is heavily loaded or your connection is slow.

Neat video. Be careful not to hit the cars in the driveway. :stuck_out_tongue:

dude that was a sweet movie… when are you gonna land 7’s?


Not sure when I am going to start trying. I have those 540s pretty consistant but it feels like I am spinning it as fast as I can. Maybe I have to lift some weights or something so I can spin it faster;)

you spin those so stinking fast it’s hard to tell the difference between 540 and 360. Even your 180 unispins are fast.

at least it looked like it.

Yeah I know, watching that vid I can’t actually tell the difference without looking at the seat. It is just a spinning blur.

Some of that might be due to your poor compresser.

cool vid.

Well it still is spinning really fast. It was hard to tell before I compressed it then the frame rate got lowered and it got more blurry so now its even harder to see.

In that summer vid when I uploaded it to youtube the 540 unispin looked like a 180, that was pretty bad.


nice video. cool 90/540 to pivot. The 540 -> 180 (3 times) sequence was cool. Did you ever learn 450’s?

I want to get 360, tite to tire sometime soon…at least after my wrist heals.

Aww, I think that counts as a 180/540 (huge spin).

I haven’t tried the 450s yet, they are scary :astonished:

I really liked the movie.

I’m gonna start trying unispins next week, probably on thursday.

Cool spins, but can you use some music besides rap next time?

nice vid!

im still trying to perfect the landing of my 180 unispins. soon ill be trying 360’s

It was good. Yeah for sure a lot of 540’s. I count that hugespin (the one right after the fall) about 35% through the vid. It was good. I liked the keaton routine he did for defect. 540, 540. I hate seat backwards 540’s. The uni looks prime for 720’s. Those light ones (skinny tires) can really spin fast. Good luck. laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

wow that was crazy dude. keep up the good work i bet ull get 720s soon

I can’t see it :frowning:

Nice video. Your 5’s are getting solid. Awesome song too. Grits- awesome Christian band.