Movie Idea.

I was just looking round the internet and found 2 skateboarding commercials. It gave me the idea to make one of these for unicycling. I think it would be cool because it is so true.

Anyways here are the clips,

  2. Go to current projects,
  3. Click on the blue tag, commercials at the top.
  4. Look in the bottom left corner and watch both commercials.


really good idea!!!

I don know if youve seen the commercial by the that they say What do you see ? that would be a very nice commercial for unicycling

oh HAHAHA it’s those commercials I was talking about hahaha

that’s cool!
i’ve talked w/ my uniing friends about how we see stuff different
i always look at something and see either a biking or uniing line :smiley:

that would be an awesome movie

Hey, all talky.

Maybe we should consider something like that. Think if Bedford had a commercial mainstream. or UDC… That’d be sick. I think us unicyclists could come up with something sick. But yeah. I liked those commercials, but more than just skateboarders think like that. haha. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

I think non-unicycling people should see more of the extreme side of unicycling … so making a little comerical or somehting like that would help alot.

Micromedia flash player is against my religion, so I can’t see those clips. Can anyone describe them to a blind man like me?