Movie forum!

From now on, all new videos should be posted here.
Please use this so we don’t have to sift through every post in rsu.:slight_smile:

I would prefer that people also post the video links and announcements in RSU too. That way the people who read RSU through the Usenet newsgroup can still find out about video posts.

What is the purpose of the new video forum? Is it just to be a place to collect announcements and links for new videos? Should the bulk of discussion about those videos still be here in RSU or over in the new forum?

Well, announcements for the videos can be posted here, but say I wanted to go find the teaser for Forrest’s new video. I have no idea what that’s called, so I can just go to that forum, browse quickly through those titles, or just do an Advanced Search for threads started by him in that forum.

And it’d be a good resource if you just wanted to go watch some random unicycling videos

people have been talking about this for a long time. it will definitely serve as a good tool to help clean up all the clutter. Thanks Gilby!