Movie: Determination Works.

Well, i went out today with my mnew fisheye lens, and tryed to land a half/half off a curb, for those of you that dont know what that is, its a 180,180 on a bc wheel, i have proly landed a half/half off a curb 4-5 times before i filmed this, i suspect the reason it took me so long to get it is i never took a break, and kept getting tired and more tired. i think if i had taken a break i proly woulda landed it in 10 min vs the 30 min it did take. i kepted at it becauce my lighting was dieing fast.

i hope you enjoy, its really freakin funny.

Oh right, some swearing in the video, just a warning.

Haha those are some funny grunts you got going there.

How many tries exactly?

Nice job!!!

I don’t know, someone want to count?

yeah, i like grunting.

Ahah awesome video, I enjoyed watching it. I like the new lens too.


That was so cool. It shows how much you put into landing it just once. I wish I still had that much energy, endurance, and determination. Hey, what am I saying? I’m stupid, I can do that.

I think that vehicle distracted you, made you not think of the trick, and that caused you to actually land it.

Nice video. Were you doing a hand ww at the end after you landed?

Have you tried a half and half (on flat ground) but starting backwards, doing a 180, and another 180 and continue going backwards? That would be cool.

maybe, iw as actuly looking at the truck…

i was thinking theres no way i could land this because someones watching me, but i did.

It also goes to show that if you try hard enough, you WILL land it.

Have you tried that?

No i have not, shal i try it toamrow on film for you?

Ya, if you want to. That would be awesome. If you get it on the ground with not too many tries you could try it off the curb too.:slight_smile:

evan - you SO WIN the determination contest.


dude, you OWN

That was insane. You are the most determined BC wheeler I know. Great job>

That’s amazing riding, and fantastic determination. It’s so satisfying, isn’t it. :slight_smile: I think the longest I’ve spent on one line non-stop was 45 minutes…but it was worth it. Keep the videos coming!


you really put a lot of determination into it. Makes me want to just go out and do it now. LOL, even though I haven’t actually got a bc yet. Sigh. Soon…

Man, I thought a few times there you were jeopardizing your chances of having children. hmmmmmmmmm keep trying:D


Thanks 4 inspiration Evan. I felt I was fading away having arrived at 70. S…t! No! I am just b…y LAZY!.:smiley: Cheriiiiiio!:slight_smile: