MOVIE: Cal Muni Weekend 2008 - San Diego

Howdy all,
I quickly through together some of the footage I got from muni weekend in San Diego. I filmed a few of the rides, but I missed the trials action since I was participating. Anyways, check it out. It requires an h.264 encoder (ie: the latest QuickTime).


Nice stuff! I wanna go ride that section at the end again.

I liked it. I am jealous you have that many people around you that ride.

Very nice.

I always kinda laugh when people say that…These riders are not all local, some where even from other countries. In order to get a group like this riding together isn’t just a few phone calls, but a year of planning and hard work from organizers along with individuals flying, and driving to events like this. I had a blast and can’t wait for Moab!

EDIT: Just saw the vid, well done Corbin! Glad to see some footage emerge from this weekend. Nice work on that muni line in the end looked smeooth@! Ohh and the music was great!

Yeah Man … Muni and stuff.
Rockin’ rock ridin"…
Lucky ya’ll…

nice Corbin, nice muni line…
The video is so clear.
wish I was there

thanks all for the comments. Danni – it was a bummer to not have you there this year!

Oh and the music is: Breakfast Club, by Z-trip.


That was a pretty great video, great to see a high quality one shot too.

Is that song on his shifting gears album?

Nice one Corbin - great music, editing etc!

dang, the trials on the first morning looked fun, i wish i had been there