Movie: Andrew and Tony in New Zealand...

This is quite rushed, by here is the low resolution version of a movie of Tony Melton and I. It was filmed in one long day in Auckland while I was there on holiday.

It’s 15.8MB, and I can’t justify making a lower res version as the movie is 6:50 long and the quality isn’t great as it is. It’s encoded with DivX, so if you don’t have it you’ll need the codec from to view the movie. I will most likely post a high res version (50MB or so) when the gallery can handle it.

It’s about 2/3 trials, 1/3 muni on northshore structures.

The soundtrack is “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder, and “A Fifth of Beethoven” by the Electric Light Orchestra.

Here are a few frames from the movie. I think the line we both enjoyed most was our version of “The Ridiculator”. :slight_smile:

I have three more several-minute-long movies to post in the next day or two.



Very cool video

very cool movie.

:thumbsup: :smiley:

thx for sharing

Great stuff! You really know how to control your spins and still-stands!

on a side note…aaarg! You beat me to it! I was gonna use that song for my next uni video… oh well…I’ve got plenty more ideas.

wow, thats some awesome riding guys…wish i coulda been there for the trials :smiley: those look like some new structures at woodhill tony, i cant wait for the muni weekend


Thats awesome!


Really nice!

I really liked the pedal grab into the wheel spin. That was really freaking cool. Great job.

Very nice editing, Andrew! and a nice record of our riding that day.

Thanks! I call it pedal grab to rewind.

I downloaded divx(i think)and it still doesnt just says" connecting" but it never connects.Whatd i do wrong?

i loved the very last shot in the video…

support for my street terms!!!

Re: Movie: Andrew and Tony in New Zealand…

Massively enjoyable video. I was impressed by the backwards stairs
riding. And kudos to Andrew for including a composity stills picture
teaser (in the RSU post) as always.

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Yes, I quite like ‘fast forward’ and ‘rewind’ as trick names - they are descriptive (of the wheel direction) without being too long nor clumsy and sound very street to boot. Good names, Tomsey!

I was up till 1:30 downloading the software for it, and it was a great movie, I wish i could ride at areas like that looked real fun.