MoVI MUni film

Got together on Sunday, 3/24/17, with two pro videographers using a state-of-the-art “MoVI Freefly” stabilization system and they filmed me riding Stagecoach trail in Simi Valley.

This particular trail is treacherous enough to walk, (and ride!) let alone RUN while carrying high end video equipment worth untold thousands! The result really gives the finished video a much more professional, film-like polish that I just can’t get from a gopro and tripod.

My editing choices were partly inspired by the eerily surreal vibe I felt during the ride, and the mix of misty am fog and a rarely seen stream trickling down the all-rock trail. This trail is utterly unique in that the built-in baby head formations are almost all back-facing, so it’s like riding down a mile of rugged, random sized speed bumps! We had a blast!

Hi Terry

Love the video. The quality of the shots following your unicycle are fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been watching your videos since I started unicycling: they are great!


Thanks Moslki. :slight_smile:

Very nice Terry! Drone filming and steady cam definitely makes the videos more enjoyable. The rewind 2 minutes in was a cool idea. I didn’t notice the cut the first time I watched it, so I was very surprised when you made it on the “second attempt” :slight_smile:

Awesome riding as usual :smiley: