.MOV to .AVI


My photocam saves video files as .MOV files. But Windows Moviemaker doesn’t read .MOV files. So i’ll have to convert them to .avi or .wma Does someone have some freeware to do this ? And if it is possible the quality has to stay the same.

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I don’t know some usefull freeware for that Problem but if you invest arround 30 € for QuickTime Pro you will be able to convert your mov files to several formats like AVI, DV, Ipod, MPEG4 etc.
The freeware I tested produces always bad quality in working with mov files.
Does Virtual Dub open mov files ? Mine did not open them, only avi, mpg and wmv files !? Independent from that it’s fantastic freeware for video converting

SUPER converter

it will convert virtually anything to virtually anything. i use it all the time. check it out. best of all it’s completely free

If you get proper plugins it will.

Here’s a thread on converting MOV files: Converting from MOV to MPEG or AVI

The RAD Video Tools have done well for me for converting MOV files to AVI. I use RAD Video Tools to convert the MOV to an uncompressed (or Huffyuv compressed) AVI file. Then edit the AVI file and use something else to compress it using proper compression.

i use radvid

super is a powerful freeware. It can do many things.

which super should I download?

Probably I’m late here. I use VidLogo for converting my mov files to avi or wmv long time and it good converts my files w/o quality looses.

just use this, don’t have to download software.

quicktime pro is good, but manual, so converting a lot of clips is tedious.

virtualdub requires avisynth and you need to write a little script per file.

radtools may be your best bet. They support WMV as well as Quicktime and are free.

If you want to use an Open Source utility… Media Coder will do it for you. Does all types of media and audio…

Or you could try t@b ZS4 free video editing software. Their converter is the easiest and best one I’ve come across.

I had the exact same problem, so I looked and nothing would work for me. So the night before I was going to exchange my camera, I found t@b by accident after watching a video by indymogul. Watch some of their vids too. Great tips for shooting movies with a backyard budget.

I found one I liked.

WinAVI Video Converter.

Waaaaay too simple, if you can’t figure this one out, chances are you need serious help.

Yeah, but to take full advantage of it, you have to buy it.

Hi all…I used VidLogo by geovid and think that quality is great:D

thanks, ive been looking for one of those lol