mouth guards

I thought I should use my rather un-fun experience of having my teeth smashed outof their sockets and biting a hole through my lip to bring up teh subject of mouthguards.

I for one will be wearing one as of now.

I know that they are ment to protect against concussions but surely they must also have a certain type of protective value for a punch in teh face-type screw-up.

anyways, post your toughts

Oh, please excuse the horrible whynning but you shoudl understand that it WAS sad at the time.

Now I laugh about it… it’s not so bad anyways… I juist lok liek a pirate or some quaint fellow. Oh, and for some reason I look alot meaner than I am. go figure…


care to explain your reasoning?

well first thay feel funny and when i was a kid I had to get one and I had a wiggly tooth, and when the guy put in the hot mold thingy and pulled it out, it ripped my tooth out and eversince II have been traumatized:D this is a true story but a lame excuse why i dont like them hehehehehehe

Sorry to hear about your fall. Looks painful.

I’ve seen that Extreme Makeover show, thay can work miracles nowdays. You’ll actually have a chance at handsome now.:smiley:

Well on the bright side i suppose there is no more honorable way to lose a tooth than through unicycling. Ive had a few friends have major chipped teeth and they’ve been reconstructed so they look better than they did before the incident! So no worries there.

My parents have been urging me to get a mouth guard for ages but i’ve always resisted. maybe after seeing your case ill give in and get one after all…

ride on,


Nah, I’m doing fine! Looking like a brit is kindof fun…

Yeah baby! YEAAAH!

Anyways…I made something rather jolly outof my old video…please watch this one instead:

Welcome to the club of chipped teeth! Your dentist should be able to easily repair them and you won’t be able to tell that it was ever chipped. It can hurt quite a bit until it is repaired though.

yay! Sympathy from Gliby!

haha thanks man…yeah, I hope they’ll fix’em up proper…

Haha,that video is funny.I some way.just a little.

If you dont want mouth gaurds,you could always give up unicy-no wait.never mind.

You’d better get that tooth fixed quick before everyone thinks you play hockey. :slight_smile:

oh my garsh. I get that alot its so anoying. “Thats a fake tooth? Oh do you play hockey?”. NO! never have but yet the tooth is gone. I’ll take a picture and post for you guys. I know that some smart you know what is going to say “Hey you must have played hockey!” now even more that I just said that but I like to predict. I’ll post the story to but its way lame and not amazing so I might make one up too.

if you do get one make sure its one that you can breath well while wearing. the one’s for (american) football and boxing and the like are large and very protective but make breathing somewhat harder. just something to keep in mind. if you’re seriously worried, i’d suggest a full face helmet.

Re: mouth guards

About a year ago Mikefule severely cut his chin and lost half a tooth
in an overcourageous moment during a MUni ride. He rides with a
full-face helmet since, at least for MUni. (Or maybe he has given up
on it already.)

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

people who unicycle are shyly exhibitionistic - GILD

teeth were made to be lost… :smiley:

i chipped half of my upper left frotn tooth really bad, almost 3/4 was broken off. it really hurt because it left the nerve exposed but a quick trip to the dentist and it looks as good as new, i have chipped the chipped part many times and had it replaced many times but it only take about 40 mins to do so its not bad.


that movie is the coolest I have ever seen. I’m definetely doing something like it when I get a concussion or whatever.

hahah thanks!

I should’ve done one when I got my concussion…but I didn’t have a camera…and had a 40min memory loss…so I don’t think I would’ve been in position to film myself…

too bad…maybe something’ll happen at Toque (hopefully not)

but yeah…who wears mouth guards? and why?

Well, just saw the vid Owen… Better you than me. If that had been me, I would have had to move to Mexico and changed my name to Senor Weevilnick… After all the money my 'rents spent correcting my overbite, then the braces… yeah, I’d be a dead man…
What did your rents say?
(Coulda been worse, coulda wrecked the car ;))

Alright, I was walkin down the street with my boy, mike. I was checking out a real pimp El Camino and I WALKED INTO A STREET SIGN. I was so embarrassed. I chipped my tooth.

Seriously though, i used to clench my teeth real hard when i went for a big jump on the uni. I was gonna get a mouth gaurd but then i stopped clenching… just like that.