Moutains To Beach 400km MTB Race in Australia, Anyone Interested?

So in March 2013 there is this really cool mountain b*ke race called Mountains To Beach held in Australia and I am seriously considering doing it on my MUni. IT SOUNDS EPIC!!! Would love to have company, anyone else that might be interested please post here. It would be a great excuse for any of you to come visit Australia. :smiley: The website is:

Here are some details:
Sunday 3 March to Friday 8 March 2013

Imagine a week of mountain unicycling, a week of racing, that will take you from the highest mountains in Australia, across snowgum lined plains, down along rainforest lined creeks and out to finish with your wheel in the sand and surf. Snaking singletrack, ‘wind through the helmet’ downhills, challenging uphills and some of the most varied scenery you could want.

Join us for the 2013 Mountains To Beach and come on a journey where entrants, solo or pairs, will ride some 380km from Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains of NSW to Narooma on the South Coast of NSW.

The majority of the riding will be in race stages that will test the full range of mountain biking skills - uphill, downhill, cross country, marathon, riding under lights. Whilst timed race stages will range in length up to 100km, there will also be a number of non timed, non race cruising stages along the way.

Ride just under 400km on a range of superb tracks and trails
Take the challenge of the race and enjoy the journey
Stay in a range of accommodation from ‘sheer looxury’ to camping
Test your range of mountain biking skills
Win yourself some great prizes and giveaways


that sounds like some real mountain unicycling! exactly the kind i would like to participate… but autralia its really far away and expensive to get there… i need a sponsor for that! anyone out there? :slight_smile:

I wanna I wanna!!! Stupid school :frowning:

Wow, sounds like a adventure. It adds up to about 47 miles per day, for five days! That’s a LOT of MUni miles! To be honest, I don’t think I could ride even my 29er nearly 50 miles a day for five days in a row, especially in a “race” setting! But it would be an incredible challenge for sure!

That’s no excuse!!!

I think you just gave me a reason to get back into race shape. I should know in about a month whether I can make it.

I wish…


So it looks like this race has been cancelled due to not enough people registering but they have instead turned it into a tour. This might even be better and I’m still considering it. Any interest from any others as it’d be great to have another one wheeler to keep me company. Here is the link to the new tour info:

A friend did that ride a few years ago (on a bike), sounded like some pretty nice riding of every kind, including really long stretches of single track. I am v. envious, but it’s beyond my ability on muni! One day … Even on a bike …