I can free mount but i would love to be ablew to mount in an impressive way and i wondered if anyone could give me tips on different mounts like suicide and other types

I know how to do the jump and kick up mount. The jump mount is pretty easy and it’s the basic of a sucide mount. I must say that the jump and sucide mount is all in the mind. Have to over come the mental fear. For kick up mount, i believe there’s quite a number of treads about it… :slight_smile:

true for all mounts
hit that ‘search’ function sister!

u say u can freemount
static or roll-back?
learn the other one

can u do it with both feet?

something to think about while u’re searching

Check out The Unicycle Page. Under “Things to Do”, click on “Unicycle Mounts”. The Marsh sisters’ page has a section on mounts on the lower right, also.

Just buy a giraf:D
Take the seat in you hand ( giraf in the front )
Run to the front
Jump on your seat and pedal backwards.

Thats looks very good:p

It was the first free mounth I could make on a giraf.


For the most bang for your buck, learn the Kick-up Mount. Search on it and you should find deatiled instructions.

Thanks for the advice i’ll have a practice-different-mounts session tonight! :wink:

The kick up mount really does look good. I found it really easy to learn too. I remember I got it for the first time on my 3rd or 4th attempt. Did anyone else have a similar experience learning it?