Here’s a mount I find quite interesting. Let me know if anyone has ever
seen it before (now). This is a no-hands mount with the unicycle
starting on the ground. Lay the unicycle on the ground (no giraffes
please!) so that the pedal which touches the ground is rotated to the
top of the stroke (see clever ascii diagram below)

                     =====  <--- the seat touches the ground

face this direction —> |
/ /= \ <— this pedal touches the ground
| o |
\ =/ /

Stand on the crank, next to the pedal, that is on top of the unicycle and place
the top of your other foot under the seat post. Now here’s the hard part :-).
Bend your knees and jump a little to get some of your weight off of the foot on
the crank and at the same time pull up with your other foot to bring the seat to
its normal position. Hopefully the seat is close enough to your butt that you
can just sit on the seat. The leg whose foot started on the crank should be
fully extended at this point allowing normal control of the unicycle. If you’re
doing a show and you can “plant” this unicycle somewhere, you can just walk up
to the unicycle nonchalantly and just ride away. Ought just blow 'em away :slight_smile:

    Hands. Hands? We don't need no shtinkin' hands!

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Last night I was working on wheel walking. After deciding that my feet belong
on the pedals, not on the wheel, I played around with some other skills
including mounts. While playing around, I started doing another mount that I
haven’t seen on the list of mounts. Starting on the side holding onto the seat
with both hands bring the other foot up over the seat without releasing the
seat with either hand. I was working on starting from the side bringing my foot
around either the front or the back of the wheel and on. Since I am tall [and
partially insane :-),] I thought wouldn’t it be cool if I could step over
without letting go of the seat. It is not a fun way to crash if you have your
foot on the seat, but a good high step and its no more difficult than one of
the other side mounts.

 _ _ Doug Borngasser
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                   unicyclist when walking feels strange.