Mounting a unicycle is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of balance and self-confidence. One of the hardest things for me was to keep on getting back on my unicycle after I fell. Sometimes I would become discouraged, so for all of those out there who are a lot like me keep to it, it’s worth the effort. Once you have built up a lot of self-esteem. than it’s time to learn how to sit and how to get into that position. you want to be close to something that you can easily hold onto. Put the unicycle infront of you with the pedals horizontal. use your foot to push down the pedal that is closest to you (this will put you above the wheel, especially if your unicycle is tall like mine). Try to catch the other pedal with your other foot and then hold onto the wall or whatever you chose and get the feel of the seat and position.


you have done some simple and good tips keep it up =]

yea my little sister and I learned mounting before riding.

Me too. That’s why it took me long to learn. I started learning on the street with no support, so I had no problems with mounting if I fell off the unicycle later:)

I find it easier my way:

  • Put the pedals vertical.
  • Stand on the lowest pedal with ur dominant foot.
  • Set off with your other foot.
  • Sit on the seat and do a half revolution backwards.
  • Start riding forwards.
  • And you’re off!

Well, that’s my way :smiley:

I started like that. But now I just put them horizontal and step on the pedals without pedaling back, and then just ride off. Or I do a suicide mount:D

The way i learnt to mount was to have the “strong foot” pedal 45 degrees diagonally away from me, as i put my foot on i i put the seat in place, then just scootch myself up onto the seat and quickly put my foot on the other pedal, after going backwards a squidge i pedal fowards and im away…

and once you get the confidence to do a jump-mount its a lot easier than a regular mount i found… only thing is that if you much it up you ay get some series shin-scraping… :slight_smile:

mounting 36"

I can freemount my 26" with no problem, but having trouble mounting my new 36". I can do it standing on a curb, but would like to be able to freemount from flat surface, as curb or step is not always available. I can ride distance with no problem once mounted. I just can’t seem to jump high enough to get on the seat. Any suggestions??


agreed 100 percent haha. i did that to my shin from riding before. got back late from working and wanted a quick ride before it got about 10 jump mounts in (i was mucking around on a fun 2 set) and bang missed a pedal and tore my shin open lol. :frowning: haha.

I put on 170mm cranks and now I can freemount easily. I’ll use them until very confident, then switch to 152mm and then 127mm.
Maybe I’m just getting too old to jump up that high, but I’ll keep trying!!!

First try mounting using a semi-roll mount. If your strong foot is the right foot, position the pedal at the 9:00 o’clock position i.e. in front of your seat. Roll the unicycle and try to catch the pedal when it hits the 7’0clock position and jump like hell to get up on the seat.

Once you are confortable with that try starting with the pedal at the 12’oclock position and roll the unicycle forward by taking two steps starting with your left foot and when the pedal gets to about the 8’oclock position try jumping forward; this takes a leap of faith it’s hard to do the first time, but once you hit it once you are on your way to mounting using the roll mount. This mount is a lot easier and takes much less energy than the first mount mentioned above but takes more coordination and courage…

Note: on both mounts I grab the seat from the seat handle with my right hand. For some reason it’s easier for me to just use one hand.

If I can mount being 5’7" and 225 lbs and 50 years old; believe me you can too. It’s a matter of just having the courage to do it. Hope this helps!

I saw a video that uni geezer made on youtube about coker mounts, try looking there.