“Demonstrate 10 types of mounts”

I can not even name 10 different kinds.
Anyone else can?

i can

a lot of those mounts are hard…

would suicide and jump mount count as 2 different mounts? they pretty much are the same except one is with no hands… i can do 7 of them!:slight_smile:

the side-kick mount looks like it might be easy

I can do like 20 different mounts.

you can also do like 24 hundred different posts, hehe :wink:

Is it considered a different mount if you do it with your opposite foot?

Your mom :sunglasses:



for the leg around mount. is it a different mount depending on how many leg arounds you do?

The person you really need to answer this question is John Foss, but yeah, the official regulations from the USA say that if you perform a much harder variation of a mount along with its simpler version, they can count as two different mounts - i.e. jump mount vs. 180 degree free jump mount sorta thing. I think side mount/side mount+leg around falls into this category.

I’d like to see a side jump mount to walk the wheel though. Can anyone do that and/or get a vid for me? It sounds impossible.

Well, all the usual mounts from the standard list
There is more than 10 less-usual on the page freestyle
And at this page there is 10 random mounts.

yeah im tryin to learn a 360 jump mount and my legs keep hitting the tyre! can anyone else do this.


I can do it. It’s actually easier than a regular side jump mount.

Keep in mind that for level seven and up, all the mounts have to be into something besides regular riding. When I passed level seven, I did a rolling mount to one-footed riding, a reverse mount to wheel walk, a side jump mount to wheel walk, a side mount to one-footed idling, a mount into hopping on the wheel, a pick-up mount to seat in front, and a regular mount into wheel walk.