I am just learning how to ride. I am very shaky when riding foward, and can only go a few feet. Anyone have any ideas on how I should learn to mount and then ride? Or any ideas on how I should get better on my riding skills?

practice. sorry, thats probably not what you wanted to hear, but thats really the only advice for someone in your position (and it is a very common position.)

Haha, between juggling and uni-ing I hear “practice” enough to figure out that is what i have to do…

The hardest part after mounting is getting those first 2-3 revolutions in after that it goes pretty smooth… Assumming you can even ride:P.

Yeah, i mean i can only ride 4 revolutions tops, so I should just practice riding for now.

I found that having a person there and holding on to their shoulder or hand just helped with stability ever so slightly and when i felt comfortable i would let go and see how far i could ride. Eventually I didnt need the support to help me. :slight_smile:

This is great advice. Find either a person or an object you are comfortable with that is a little above waist height when you are on the uni (for me, you may want something higher or lower) and ride along with support. Work on relying on the support less and less, and when you think you are ready, try it by yourself. I learned on a 20 yard dumptser.

you could also try riding along with a shopping trolley out the front of you, i’m not sure how successful it is, but it would be interesting

Haha, I can just picture that now!

Having just taught my son how to mount, I think what did it for him was to keep trying to get him to use his foot on the ground to push himself up more than using your pedal foot to try to put the uni under you. The less that wheel moves backwards, the easier it’s going to be to get it to go forward. :wink:

Other than that, it’s just a matter of falling off enough to figure it out.

I learned to freemount like this: ¼ turn backwards with dominant foot and the undominantfoot gets on the pedal while doing the ¼ turn.I prefer to put my pedals in a vertical position.As for distance, I live in a second floor and held onto the railings, then, 1 day, I went to a skatepark(which had more railings) and did a little more than my 10 m. (32½ feet) and even went halfway down an incredibly small ramp on my first day(level ⅔)

I started to learn in a really tight space. Make sure you’re not. When I got out in the open it was much much more easy.

i diasagree with having someone hold on to u. the best way i learned was to hold on to something that was chest level wile on the uni. I found this helpful. Once i got comfortable and could do at least five rotations three times in row or at least every now and then. After i got that down i leaned on the side of a house or something i could only rest my hand on. Just enough to get my balance and go. 1 problem i had was holding on to the seat wile riding. DO NOT DO THIS. It throws u off balance. Keep your hands out and swing them around if u have to. thats really all the advice i can give you except for dont give up and keep at it. QUITERS NEVER WIN keep that in mind and good luck

I learned how to unicycle like 3 weeks ago. I just started practicing mounting a couple days ago. Before i would just start on our fence and go into the alley. If you can get pretty far you can start at light poles, street signs and the like. It helped me to try and have all my weight on the seat and not put all of it on the tires. Try not to let the pedals go vertical for too long its hard to keep your balance there. I leearned freemounting with one pedal all the way down and the other all the way up. Then i switched to the horizontal way and it was really easy. If you have a really hard time you can use sawhorse things. Put them on either or both sides of you. I’ve heard ski poles work well too. The way I learned to ride is i held on to someones shoulder and I pretty much just pulled them around. Thats good for getting the feel of it but if you don’t learn to get off of them it doesn’t help. Practice on someones shoulders then try starting of from a fence or along a fence and going as far as you can and just keep doing it. Keep switching from shoulder to fence to pole or tree. That’s what i did and it seemed to work pretty well.

Hope this helps…


I practiced freemounting starting right from when I first started learning; I would use something for support, but after a few mounts gripping the railing, I started practicing just keeping my hand on the railing and trying not to keep much weight on it. If you can find a very long railing or wall with a suitable riding surface next to it, start there, and after getting comfortable moving forward, use a mailbox to mount (or freemount) and just go with no support after the mount.

you should learn to ride better before mounting ismy opinion