Mounting(welding) brake hardware

I am going to be getting hydraulic brakes for my 29er soon, and John Childs has advised me thus far to do this:

My questions are:
1.) Where are some common places that could weld or braze the hardware onto my frame? John said that darren bedford could do it if i sent the frame, but I do not want to pay a lot for the shipping/new paint job, etc.
2.) What kind of paint is the best to use, I dont really care how the frame looks, i just care about preventing rusting, so I wouldnt mind just painting over the stripped chrome.
3.) What is the best way to line up the mounting hardware with the rim, so that whoever is welding it onto my frame does not put it in the wrong place.

Save yourself the hassle and send it to Darren. That way you know you’re getting a professional job and a sharp looking uni.