Mounting the giraffe skill file

I’ve added some of Doug Borngasser’s suggestions for mounting a giraffe uni to
the skill file. Here’s the latest version.


                      MOUNTING A GIRAFFE UNICYCLE

1. Have the pedal on your strong side set at just off its lowest position,
   slightly forward, when the uni is also pointing forward slightly (10
   degrees?). This causes the uni wheel to move forward, and align itself
   vertically when pressure is applied to the bottom pedal.

2. Now place the 'weak' foot as high up the tyre as possible, half wedging
   it between the frame struts. Hold the seat at the front/side. (I held it
   with my weak side hand and never got round to trying it with the other.)
   This is the 'launch' position from which unfortunately it's a series of
   fluid movements that all happen rather quickly, so you'll just have to
   go for it.

3. Now's the time to visualise the rest of the moves. Think about climbing
   stairs fast. Your aim is to put your weight first on the tyre foot,
   quickly placing the other foot on the bottom pedal. As soon as you've got
   this foot on, all the weight goes on to it and you push up. Imagine your
   body moving in a straight line up, as though you had jets on your feet.
   The idea is to keep the uni straight up and not bend forward. As you push
   up on the pedal foot, it's surprisingly stable. That's not to say it _is_
   stable, just it's not as scary as it'd seem. Nearing the end of the push
   up, as with normal mounts, make sure the other foot gets on to the high
   pedal quickly. With the hand holding the seat, stuff it in and sit down
   as fast as possible. Give the pedals a kick and idle.

4. So the motion is: left foot on tyre (if you're that way round), right on
   the pedal, left on the pedal, seat in. Imagine this all happening, and
   you just being propelled upwards (straight back, uni vertical(ish)). It's
   important to look forward and not let the uni lean forward. Imagine how
   the weight is transferred. The weight transfers need to be more or less
   complete, not sharing. *left* *right* *backside*.

5. It really is quick, step-step-step-sit-idle, all in a half second. I
   found it very useful imagining I was climbing up a ladder with rungs set
   far apart.

Notes and Hints

It will be helpful to lower the seat. If your seat is high, its hard to get
your second leg over and you end up riding seat out front.

One annoying thing is when you have two feet on the pedals and the free hand
to comes along and offer its assistance by gripping the seat. Use one hand to
hold the front of the seat, and the other hand for balance.

You may wish to start out with the wheel against the curb so it could only
roll forward until you feel more comfortable with the start.

Speed is definately a key factor. Too slow and you’re down before you’re up.

Paul Makepeace <> Doug Borngasser

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